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Biodiversity refers to the variety of living organisms including plants and animals. Biodiversity brings many benefits for human. There are a variety of organisms that can be found within the Siu Lang Shui Butterfly Habitat.

1. 蝴蝶

As a butterfly relies on different plants for survival throughout its whole life cycle, the diversity of plants in its habitat is important for the conservation of butterfly. the biodiversity of the whole ecosystem is also important to other organisms.

Through appreciating the beauty of butterflies, the public can learn about the nature and the importance of biodiversity, and help spread the message of butterfly and nature conservation.

Butterflies in Hong Kong can be classified into five families

2. 植物

Plants and other organisms have a close relationship. Most organisms depend on plants for their survival. Different composition of plant species can lead to different habitats such as forests, grasslands, mangroves etc.

3. 鳥類及其他